Monday, November 23, 2009

Ignored Notes To Self

Note to self #1: DO NOT attempt an 8 mile run if you haven't run in two weeks. (Idiot.)
Result: One big blister in the arch of your foot, two sore Achilles heels, two very sore legs, one busted right hip and a sweet farmers tan.

Note to self #2: DO NOT attempt said run after a 'cheat' day. (Especially when you don't drink enough water on your 'cheat' day.)
Result: Mild heat exhaustion and serious dehydration that will have on the couch with a splitting headache for the rest of the day--thus causing you to not finish the tasks you needed to complete--which now must be interspersed through-out a week that is already completely packed from when you wake to when you sleep--if you sleep.

Note to self #3: Watch the news as often as possible.
Result: You would have been aware that the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk would occur DIRECTLY on your running path causing you to end your run at mile 6 due to your heart rate sky-rocketing while trying to dodge through the crowd while yelling 'EXCUSE ME' every 10 seconds. (Very annoying, yet very inspirational at the same time. :))

Note to self #4: DO NOT over commit yourself. (Story of my life.)
Result: Stress and exhaustion that will cause your left eye to twitch for days on end. (So annoying.)

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