Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day Two – My Elbows Are Killing Me

So…I wake up this early morning and roll out of bed to get ready for a run and I’m feeling alright. No soreness. But my elbows are killing me! Darn planks! I have rug burns on both elbows with some slight bruising behind them. I’m going to start bringing elbow pads to training. Haha.

I get dressed, put on my shoes, grab my iPod and head out. After a quick warm up, I start to attempt the most hilarious running session in my short running life. My mind is saying “Run!” while my legs are saying “No, but thanks for asking.”

But I WILL NOT let this get the best of me…I WILL run the 3 mile loop I have set to do today. So, I’m forced to do this funny shuffle-thing. I look (and feel) like a kid being forced to run by a parent who is pushing them from behind and believe me it’s not pretty. I can’t seem to lift my feet more than 3 inches off of the ground so trying to navigate curbs isn’t an easy task. (Why are these curbs out to get me?) I tripped at least half a dozen times because I just couldn’t pick my darn feet up!

On top of that, my pants wouldn’t stay up, so every 30 steps or so, I had to pull them up. At one point, I’m sure my belly was hanging out for all to see. I just stopped caring. (Yeah, that’s a pretty nice visual, I know.)

If anyone was driving the 8 near Hotel Circle this morning and you spotted a pathetic looking runner, shuffling along, pulling her pants up while laughing hysterically, THAT WAS ME!

Anyway, task accomplished. My not-so-pretty run will go down in history as a reminder that I need to make sure to schedule my runs on mornings after I DON’T have a training session.

Update: 12:15pm. I’M DYING A SLOW DEATH! The soreness has kicked in and every squat, push-up and crunch is doing its job. It doesn’t help that I’m sitting most of the day, so when I DO get up to use the restroom or refill my water bottle, I definitely feel it. I feel (and look) like I should be using a walker to get around. I love it…

But my elbows still hurt more than anything else. Darn planks.

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