Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day Four - My Elbows Still Hurt

Yesterday evening, while sitting at the stoplight at the 67 and Bradley I hear a faint, familiar ringing. MY CELL PHONE ALARM CLOCK. Apparently, I had my clock set 12 hours ahead of time, so my alarm went off at 5:45pm instead of 5:45am! So I didn't sleep through my alarm yesterday morning after all. Yup, I am an idiot! Haha.

I got up early this morning with the intention to run but my legs are still killing me and as much as I'd like to entertain the highway 8 commuters again this morning I opted for yoga. I have some great DVD's in my collection that I used to use back in the day. Let me tell's EXACTLY what I needed. (It's a good thing I didn't have to use my elbows for anything, because my rug burned elbows are still tender.) I think I may just incorporate yoga on the mornings I don't run rather than take yoga classes in the afternoon. That way, I don't have work or rehearsal as an excuse to skip class. (Not that I'd ever do that or anything. ;))

Then I had a nice fat (fat, as in large) breakfast. I LOVE BREAKFAST! I don't eat carbs after 4:00pm, and because of that, I seem to be ravenously hungry when I wake up. I'm not sure how that's going to affect my morning running as I typically don't eat before I run. Maybe my body will get used to it...we'll see. Back to breakfast: 1/2 cup of oatmeal (I ran out of Stevia, so I ate it plain with some pumpkin pie spice which wasn't bad at all), and an egg white omelet with spinach, shallots and diced Canadian bacon. Yum. It seems like a lot of food when it's sitting on the table in front of me, but it's only 322 calories. Sweet. Did I mention that I love breakfast?!

Another Cooking Me Skinny staff member, Justin Kent, has issued a challenge. We both started our programs this week and were going to see who can reach their goals quicker. There's nothing like a little friendly competition to keep us both on track and motivated. You should check out his blog. We'll have to figure out what to wager on this challenge...hmmm. Whatever we decide, it's ON Justin.

Speaking of goals--my short term goal is to get down to 170 pounds by the date of the Carlsbad Half Marathon (January 24, 2010). I'll be running it this year for charity and I'm sure my knees and ankles would appreciate the lighter load. That's 17.4 pounds down from what I weighed at my first training session. (That means I weighed 187.4, for those people who don't want to do the math.) 17.4 pounds in 11 weeks. Piece of cake. ;)

Oh, and if you'd like to help support me in raising money for Christian Youth Theater, click here. Any amount would be helpful, I unfortunately have had ZERO time to fund raise right now, so a dollar or two is much appreciated. (I'm serious...If I asked a dollar of everyone I know, I could TOTALLY reach my fundraising goal.) :D

It's morning snack time; a Boca burger and baby carrots are beckoning.

Have a great day!

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